Volume 3, Issue 1, January 2014

Table of Contents


Role of Horizontal Gene Transfer Events in the Evolution of Phenol 2–Monooxygenase Gene: a Comparative Study across 75 Prokaryotic Genomes  | 
Jaspreet Kaur, Shailly Anand, Mansi Verma, Rup Lal 1-15
Total views: 1744
Rock Phosphate Solubilization using Oxalic Acid - secreting Laccaria fraterna  | 
S. A. Anithachristy, M. Arunmani, Viji Sitther 16–21
Total views: 980
Isolation and Regeneration of Protoplasts from Laccaria fraterna - an Ectomycorrhizal Fungus  | 
S. A. Anithachristy, M. Arunmani, Viji Sitther 22–30
Total views: 1289
In-Silico Study of Three Winged Bean Trypsin Inhibitor Genes and Analysis of Structure and Function Correlation of their Corresponding Proteins  | 
Nilanjana Bhattacharjee, Samir K. Dutta 31-36
Total views: 449
VADR: Visualization, Analysis, Diagnostics and Risk Assessment Tool for Breast Cancer  | 
Muhammad Zohaib Nawaz, Muhammad Bilal, Muhammad Aamer Mehmood, Muhammad Asgher 37-44
Total views: 249